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"Pie Tap serves up some seriously incredible food!"

Oh Hey Dallas

"Pie Tap Pizza a Crust Above!"

Dotty Griffith / Katy Trail Weekly

"This Dallas Restaurant’s Pizza Is Basically Good for You!"

Caitlin Clark / D Magazine

"Pie Tap Has Started the Pizza Brunch Revolution!"

Kathryn Debruler / Dallas Observer

The good stuff takes work, and we aren’t afraid to put in a long day.

Everything on our menu is made from the best ingredients available
and prepared with love and dedication.

Whatever you’re craving, we’ve got it on tap.

Do you love serving others? Want to join our workshop?
Well, we want you to click the link below.
  • Front of the house + back of the house. It takes a village to run a restaurant!
  • Super friendly people who put their team first. We’re like a big Italian family.
  • People who come to work looking to be the best at their craft.
  • Mind readers who can anticipate our Guests every need.
  • Energetic people who love the service industry and are driven by a desire to make Guests happy.
  • People who are unique and comfortable in their own skin.
Why we’re awesome to work with:
  • We’ll value you and all your hard work. You help to define us and make us better everyday!
  • Better, faster, stronger. We want you to grow as a professional and continue raising the bar.
  • We’re all family. No matter what, we’ll always remember where we came from.
  • Inspired spaces, awesome food + drinks is the name of the game. You’ll always be proud to serve our products. Promise
WHERE DO YOU SIGN UP? glad you asked
  • Option 1:

    Stop in and say ‘hi’ in person

  • Option 2:

    Click ‘join’ to apply online

We’re about to get friendly with a glass of wine and some pizza. Not in the mood to be social? Call or order online for pizza & booze delivery.