About Us

The good stuff takes work, and we aren’t afraid to put in a long day.

Everything on our menu is made from the best ingredients available and prepared with love and dedication.

Whatever you’re craving, we’ve got it on tap.


Our dough is naturally leavened with a proprietary starter we’ve named ‘Romo’. This isn’t even close to an ordinary pizza dough, trust us.


Our open kitchen has twin Italian ovens firing up a whole new kind of pie. Bubbling mozzarella is topped with things like sliced-to-order prosciutto or house-made ricotta and sausage. That’s hot.


The bar features a bangin’ vibe and over 35 taps pouring everything from local beer to specialty wine to crafted cocktails.


This pasta is killer. We make it from scratch under our own roof and put delicious stuff like meatballs and home grown herbs on top. Carbs well spent.


Pie Tap is the result of the dedication and passion of Chef Giovanni Mauro. Raised in Sicily, Chef Gio trained in his mother’s kitchen. He has spent the last 30 years perfecting our pizza crust.


The airiness of our pizza comes from a special, natural technique, yielding a high percentage of protein without sugar. That’s why our pizza comes out of the oven healthy, light and easy to enjoy guilt free.


A special mixture of wheat flowers and wheat germ combines with olive oil, water and salt. That’s all. This simple mix makes our pizza pure, and exceptionally crispy.


Our dough rests and rises for 96 hours from start to finish. This labor allows the dough to stay light, flavorful and to yield the most delicious pizza crust around.